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Friday, December 15, 2006

How business families create lasting value...

Focus of family-run companies on long-term growth ensures stability & better returns

Once I was sitting with the Chairman of a leading financial institution, who was also sharing a default of a leading soft-drink company. During our discussions, we exchanged views on the problems being encountered by the said soft -drink company. The Chairman of the financial institution pointed out that the soft -drinks company had seen three CEOs come and go within a span of just one year. The point being made was that three CEOs have changed in the past one year and by virtue of this discontinuity, it was very difficult to apportion responsibility and accountability on individual CEOs in this revolving door scenario. Both of us agreed that in such a scenario, the newer person has all the ways to get out of commitments. And that is what had exactly happened three times in a row. It is extremely difficult to visualise such a predicament being faced by a financial institution or any other stakeholder in a family-owned company. For more information on IIPM Editorial Article, please click here...,

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Monday, December 11, 2006

M&M revving down the America roads

Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M) has announced an accord with US-based Global Vehicles for the distribution of its range of pick-up trucks and SUVs in the US market, by the second quarter of 2007. This move by M&M is to garner a foothold in the largest market for SUVs and pick-up trucks. Global Vehicles has an established channel network of 130 dealers The company is still working on the price range of the products depending on customer expectations and initial market requirements. The volumes for the launch of the vehicles would be considered after the response from the US market.

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Friday, November 10, 2006

Missed it in the grind? Just rewind!

With IPTV, Indians can watch their favourite shows when they please

Indian consumers are set to upgrade to a completely new level of entertainment. Yes, the much hyped Internet Protocol Television’ (IPTV) has finally reached Indian shores with MTNL announcing that it will be launching the service in Delhi and Mumbai from November 1. With IPTV, consumers will be able to hold time to their will. They can opt, demand, receive and control contents on the idiot box as and when they feel like. IPTV technology is open to myriad possibilities with prevailing applications like video-on-demand, audio-on-demand, game-on-demand, video calling, tele-medicine, e-distance learning and virtual classrooms, at a price less than Rs.250 a month for up to 30 channels and a minimum fee of Rs.125 a month for basic service of Free-to-Air channels. IPTV is enabled with the latest MPEC-4 and ASDL-2 technology for broadband and compression with thousands of compressed audio-video fi les accessible at the click of a button. With its unlimited potential, IPTV looks to be tough competition for cable TV & DTH. But MTNL Chairman RSP Sinha admits, “We aren’t going to take away market share (of DTH & cable). This technology will only prove a supplement.” We live in times when intensely hectic lifestyles prevent us from catching up with our favourite TV programmes on a regular basis. In terms of value, that is precisely what differentiates IPTV from the rest. On the flip side, the price tag is a bit high, but then, isn’t that a small trade off for being in total control? Well, that’s for you to decide! For more information on IIPM Editorial Article, please click here...,

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Monday, October 30, 2006

Gandhi, Bhagat Singh; Who’s next?

Distribution... and better marketing!

Interestingly, with the changed face of the film industry, many producers are also donning the distributor’s hat. For example, Yash Raj Films turned distributor for KANK in select territories of India and UK, as well as in US, Canada and UAE. While larger producers are raking up more moolah by taking up distribution of their own films as well as of others, exhibitors like Ajay Bijli of PVR Limited are also jumping onto the bandwagon. Says Bijli, “In any case we have to pay for the film rights, but when we take the distribution of the entire film, the cost comes down in a big way.” At the same time, noted analyst Taran Adarsh also attributes the increasing number of successful films to the cliched “rising multiplex culture,” due to which films can become hits on the weekend (of release) itself.

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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Tata Sky is set to change the way viewers watch television...

While Dish TV, which boasts of a subscriber base of 1.4 million, 160 channels, a movie-on demand service has the first mover advantage in this space, Tata Sky is trying to compensate for the lack of it through its aggressive marketing campaign and services which are completely new to the Indian Television viewer. Consider this: With Tata Sky, you can store upto 100 hours of programming and view it at leisure; apart from news, sports and movies which can be watched at any chosen time of the day. Combine that with its bouquet of 61 popular television channels and an attractive price tag of Rs.200 per month, and you realize that the new entrant has positioned itself amicably for the consumers. “By bringing satellite television directly into Indian homes, Tata Sky is set to change the way viewers watch television,” said an ecstatic, Vikram Kaushik, MD & CEO of Tata Sky. So, does Dish TV feel threatened by this enthusiastic new kid on the block? Apparently not, as Ashish Kaul, Sr. Vice President, Zee Group, points out that “the scenario will be like the telecom sector, where all players will have similar offerings, but the differentiation will lie in brand association and customer service.” In fact, he argues that there is space for two more players in India’s DTH foray, “and with the country’s regional diversity, I see even regional DTH players coming up,” says Kaul. Well, the wait for new players will not be too long, Kalanithi Maran’s Sun Direct and Anil Ambani’s Reliance will soon launch their own DTH platforms. And like the telecom sector, watch out for some keen marketing maneuvers from major players in the DTH space. After all, they’re gearing up to add their version of oomph to TV viewing. Stay tuned!

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Monday, September 11, 2006

RM014 Perini Navi Cup: 11,622,418 INR (IIPM Publication)

Richard Mille is a name to reckon with in the watch making arena. The marque ensures that the wearer is in possession of a watch that is technically superior to what many others aspire for. The Perini Navi Cup watch in particular is inspired by the magnificent yachts built to perfection by the Perini Navi of Viareggio, Italy. The case bears sailboat engravings; the crown, tourbillion and even the simplest of titanium screws are inspired by the subject of the sea. Technical innovations such as carbon nano fiber movement base plate, torque indicator and fast rotating barrel are other features that this masterpiece prides itself on. Despite the sailors’ theme, don’t go gifting it to one. You wouldn’t want him to be too engrossed admiring it, while the iceberg hits!

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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Happy Dent Protex: Protex Daant, Happy Daant

BRAND : Happy Dent Protex


BASELINE : Protex Daant, Happy Daant

DESCRIPTION : Just when an army is discussing its mission, a man who is a spy comes out from a box where he was hidden and says ‘nahin pahuchne doonga’. Having said that, he takes out an ‘unknown’ chewing gum and pops it in his mouth, but his tooth comes out in the process, and he starts crying like a baby. The army guys catch him, and the general tells him not to have any other chewing gum other than Happydent Protex. Everybody’s gets to be great friends, and all’s well that ends well.

4Ps TAKE : Happydent has been making very over-the-top ads, which nonetheless manage to stand out. This TVC, too, is a humorous attempt to reach out to the target audience by telling them not to trust the brand of gum they’ve been chewing. The power idea is that Happydent is good for the teeth, and this is communicated in a light-hearted way. This one is somewhat over the top – but, again, manages to grab eyeballs.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

IIPM Editorial -> Come alive at the Festival of the Dead!

The lily-livered may consider staying miles away from Japan during August 12-15 as the locals celebrate the Festival of the Dead when the souls of the long departed return to their families. Tokushima City is undoubtedly the best place to touch down upon to experience this ‘spirit’ed festival. As thousands of people dressed in their summer kimonos perform the Awa Odori Dance, accompanied by the melody of drums, bells and flutes, it’s a breathtaking experience for the tourists and believed to be a calming catharsis even for the formless visitors. As darkness envelopes the town, lanterns are lit up at homes and temples, aft er which paper lanterns glowing with candlelight are set afloat onto the waters to guide the spirits tracing their way back to the other realm of the world… At morn, continue this spiritual sojourn by trekking up to Mt. Bizan and let the clean air, quiet and beauty sweep over your soul…

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Monday, July 17, 2006

IIPM B&E July Magazine Article: Sharing My Financials

Que: I run a small shop – just five employees. Lately, I’ve been thinking about sharing my financials with the team, hoping they’ll come to see why we need to be efficient every hour of every day and minimize absenteeism. I’m also hoping that “exposing” our numbers could build teamwork and foster innovation. What’s your advice? (Bob Winyard, Cherry Hill, N.J.)

Ans: Surely you know the old saying “No good deed goes unpunished.” Well, you might be saying it about yourself very soon. We don’t mean to disparage transparency. In general, the more information you share with employees about costs and other competitive challenges, the better. It’s as you suggest – when people know what they’re up against, they can feel a greater sense of ownership and urgency, often sparking homegrown improvements in processes and productivity. And the sense that “we’re all in this together” can certainly jumpstart teamwork and innovation.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

IIPM News Article - Tata Tea to “become the number 1 player over a period of time.”

Indeed, there lie several opportunities waiting to be tapped. Sales for Tata Tea come mainly from UK and US and are negligible from the rest of the world. To address this anomaly, Tata Tea has creditably been acquiring specialty tea brands like US brand Good Earth and Czech brand Jemca to mark their entry in new markets and product segments. Siganporia minces no words as he expresses his vision for Tata Tea to “become the number 1 player over a period of time.” But to be the world leader, Tata Tea would have to build strong brands to match the indomitable strengths of market leader Unilever, whose flagship brand Lipton is a case in point. Lipton is as synonymous with tea as Coke is to cola. Tata Tea will also have to undertake more big ticket acquisitions like Tetley (which it acquired in 2000). Surely, Tata Tea is on the threshold of compelling opportunities it can’t possibly miss.

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Thursday, June 15, 2006

IIPM Publication - The Oscar night

Well, mercifully this took place at the rehearsals and so the show went on without a performance from her. For the past seventy two years, a select team of Pricewaterhouse Coopers has been privy to the result days before the show and on the Oscar night, accompanied by police officers, they make their way to the Kodak theatre to personally hand the envelopes to presenters about to step on stage. And then the acceptance speeches, the lesser spoken about which, the better. I am the Knight of the evening, to which the world yearns to be invited; driving artists here and yon to create magic unrivalled in the world. I too am but a mirror of the conflict that rages unabated from the beginning of time between the goodness in the heart of man and the devil in his head. I stand for exceptional performances, technical excellence, inspiring writing, outstanding direction and prodigious production. There is no other award like me because I am a symbol of all that is great in the greatest medium of 21st century.

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Monday, May 22, 2006

Deutsche does a ‘Real’ty check (IIPM Publication)

As the Indian retail sector is witnessing a ‘Golden Age’, it has become the centre of gravity for real estate corporates and investors worldwide. Rreef/DB Real Estate, the real estate unit of Deutsche Bank AG, plans to start off with a global fund that will invest about $300 million in India. The company sees huge untapped potential in commercial office space as more companies prefer to rent offices rather than own them. The company said that it may start a second fund, if India continues to pay well.

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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Hutchison Whampoa (IIPM Publication)

The deal follows the June 2005 sale of a major stake by HWL in a Hong Kong container terminal to PSA for $925 million. The Group Managing Director of Hutchison Whampoa, Canning Fok, said, “The transaction represents an excellent opportunity to crystallise value for the company and shareholders.” The current sale would yield a profit of $3.12 billion to HWL, which, analysts have forecast, looks destined to be used to resurrect its ailing 3G business. But the fact is that on one hand, while total world trade is forecasted to rise by about 7% in 2006, the available port capacities are rising by only 4.7%.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Amidst continuous bantering by sweet Gurung...

Amidst continuous bantering by sweet Gurung, we headed towards Thimphu, the capital and largest city of Bhutan. Steep roads with twists and turns over pine-clad hills led to a journey not the easiest in terms of ergonomics, but overwhelming the senses with its striking beauty. Thimphu is situated on the banks of the river Wang-Chu. Our first place of visit was Tashichhodzong, a stunning monastery built way back in 1641 and reconstructed in 1961 in traditional Bhutanese style. Tashichhodzong, which is “Thimpu’s most extraordinary visual landmark,” according to Gurung, incidentally also houses the main building of the secretariat in the thus-far monarchical political system in Bhutan. Read More...

Monday, April 03, 2006

Muslims and their welfare (IIPM Publication)

Recently, the Allahabad High Court had declared illegal a decision by AMU to reserve 50% of seats in the university for the Muslim community. In effect, the High Court order stated that AMU is not a ‘minority’ institution and, hence, cannot reserve seats for Muslims. For the Congress which has been trying for long to regain the trust of the Muslim voter this was an opportunity to show that the party cares for Muslims and their welfare.

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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

What really is the battle all about?

As a pioneer of the technology, the United States has virtual control over the internet. The US Commerce Department controls the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), which assigns domain names. Though ICANN is a non-profit body based out of California, it is the US Commerce Department that has the final say on the matter. For more information, please click here...

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

IIPM - B&E Editorial

This also explains Jastram’s other, supposedly counterintuitive finding that while gold suffered these bursts of over and under performance, it did tend over the long run to regress to a fairly constant value in exchange; a feature he deemed so striking as to use it for the title of his magnum opus.

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

IIPM - Publication

The Tata group’s telecom ventures have spanned varied corporations. Idea Cellular has Tatas holding a 49% stake, with the Aditya Birla group holding the balance 51%. VSNL has the Tata group holding a 45% stake. And then of course, we have TTSL, of the Indicom fame, which provides wireless access through CDMA and WLL technologies, as opposed to Idea that works on GSM. Read More...

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To be sure, sociopath corporations have populated books and films for more than a century. But corporate villains, typically multinational companies, have never been so ubiquitous as today. Is it unfair? Most corporations, after all, are merely convenient mechanisms for ensuring that scarce global capital is used at maximum efficiency, to the benefit of all. Are famously liberal Hollywood film directors spending too much time going to anti-globalisation rallies? Perhaps. But I would submit that Hollywood’s misgivings, however untutored, represent only the tip of a growing iceberg of resentment against the perceived injustices of globalisation. The simple truth is that corporations represent capital, and capital – in the form of factories, equipment, machines, money, and even houses – has been the single biggest winner in the modern era of globalisation. Corporate profits are bursting at the seams of investors’ expectations in virtually every corner of the world. Even in moribund economies like Germany and Italy, where employment security is vanishing, corporations are swimming in cash. For more on IIPM Publication Article, click here...

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Monday, December 26, 2005

IIPM Placements

IIPM has always been the hunting ground of the companies. Year after year companies from varied sectors of businesses have flocked the IIPM campuses to find the prospective candidates for the job. As one of the oldest management institutes in India, the institute has always mustered the faith of the corporate bigwigs and found support in the quality and ability of the IIPM students.

The placements have always been boosted by the pre-placement offers where the companies gatecrash to the campuses of IIPM for taking the students for the summer internships programs. Summer Internships, and vital part of the MBA course, are intended to offer MBA students a prospect to put their education into practice, thereby enabling companies to use quality future-managers for real-life short term assignments. IIPM have maintained a great track record in the glorious trend of placements.

Over the years companies of high repute ranging from fortune 500 to MNCs have been on the recruiting list of IIPM. IIPM has always been on the priority list of most of the companies from varied sector of business such as FMCG, IT, Insurance, Financial services, Consulting, Health Care and Pharma, Manufacturing and Banking.

The uniqueness of the placements at IIPM lies in the fact that the campus is visited by the variety of the companies and the lucrative offers offered by the companies to the students. The overall profile is so well-balanced that it always delights a discerning recruiter finding suitable talents, and the students too feel good to find companies and projects of their choice. Year after year the corporate participation for the placement process have increased manifold. This is attributed to the fact of the quality of students the institute is churning.

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